Leila in LEILA 122016

A 18 year old who masturbates with a baseball bat at home (!) and whose boyfriend WANTS her to get fucked on camera by Jay promises to be a hell of a lot of fun. And kinky (and wet!) Leila doesn't disappoint. Despite her Betty-Page-Wannabe-Pseudo-Princess-of-Darkness look, she's sunny, sweet, well-spoken and most importantly, very, very horny. She enjoys watching herself get fucked on the camcorders' screens and the hotel room's mirrors, but before we get to that we'll want to know a little bit more about this girl. So it's interview time (briefly) but considering how kinky this girl is, Jay doesn't waste much time on Q and A and instead makes her suck his cock in the hotel's hallway (!). After that he gets her off with toys, and then gets some MORE teen beej (greedy fucker!) so much that her legs cramp up, it's finally Leila's turn to fuck and cum to her heart's content. Jay finishes with his trademark bucket-o-cum on Leila's teen face, and she gives a heart-hand gesture to her boyfriend as she cleans up. How sweet. Very enthusiastic girl, let's hope we'll see her again sometime somewhere.

5 months ago