Katy Rose in Office Episode 4 - Client

Sexy Katy Rose is instantly attracted to new client Michael Fly, giving him her number as episode four of Andrej Lupin’s erotic series "Office" begins. Cut to them in the bedroom, naked and horny, Katy kissing Michael hungrily and stroking his rigid cock, kneeling to lick his balls and take him in her mouth. She sucks him hard, cheeks hollowing, then straddles him and feeds his erection into her shaved pussy. Michael gropes and sucks the beautiful brunette’s perfect breasts as she rides his pole, moaning with pleasure. Her cries rise in volume as she humps her new fuck buddy harder and faster, taking his cock ever deeper inside her slick slit. They move into spoons, Michael banging Katy energetically from behind, jackhammering her until she’s quivering with excitement. She strums her clit frantically as his cock plows into her over and over, driving her to a howling orgasm. He doesn’t slow his pace though, thrusting relentlessly until he pulls out and Katy finishes him off with a few flicks of her wrist, sending his hot cum spilling all over her tummy and still trembling pussy. As they embrace passionately, it’s clear this will be more than just a working relationship.

5 months ago