Robbin Banx, Chanel Camryn in Wanna Fuck My Stepdaughter Gotta Fuck Me First #23 - Chanel Camryn, Robbin Banx & John Strong

Robbin Banx returns home and is surprised to see a stranger lounging by her pool. He casually introduces himself as John Strong, and Robbin asks him where her stepdaughter Chanel Camryn is. John says that Chanel is inside the house, getting them some snacks. Robbin goes into the house to talk to her.In the kitchen, Robbin confronts Chanel, asking what's up with the guy by the pool. Chanel says that John is the guy she started dating. Robbin is not pleased, pointing out that John is much older than Chanel. But Chanel insists that she's old enough to date whoever she wants, and she prefers mature men. Robbin expresses doubt that Chanel can handle an older guy, but then John enters the room and inserts himself into the conversation, saying that he's sure Chanel can handle him.Robbin is still not convinced, saying that John has to pass a test in order to prove that he knows how to treat a lady right... by having sex with Robbin! Chanel is shocked, but John accepts the challenge. They all get settled on the couch, and Robbin partially undresses while John kisses Chanel. Robbin then brings her breasts right up to John's face, and he immediately takes the hint, kissing and sucking on her nipples. Meanwhile, Chanel starts to give John a blowjob, and when Robbin joins in, they share his cock together. As the sex continues, they all seem to be enjoying themselves, but will it be enough for John to pass the test?

5 months ago