Serena in Serena3407

When I interview 18 (!) year old Serena, with those big fake lashes, big hair, and under-her-breath bragging about how good she is in bed, I assumed she is just another self-deluded ghetto queen. I was wrong. I shudder to think what she had to be doing in High School to get as good as she is at her young age, but...holy fudge, this latina teen is amazing! She rewards me for making her cum by giving me a truly pro-level blowjob, and from there on out this girl turns out to be one of the best fucks I've had during a casting this year. The hightlight is the anal - which she really, really didn't want to do but hey, that's what producers wanna see, right?... - her facial expressions are so priceless, I split-screen that shit for you so you don't miss one grimace, or painal moan as I fuck that juicy ass of hers. She finishes me off in her mouth and literally and figuratively drains me. This chick is a 10 out of 10.

1 year ago