Zazie in I Want Myself

Absolutely stunning, Zazie looks so beautiful in her black lingerie. The blue-eyed blonde Hungarian babe lies on her bed stroking her thighs, black stocking socks clinging to her calves, feet embraced by shiny black heels. Her bra slips from her shoulder, one nipple emerging as she reaches for her panties, caressing her labia through the lace, teasing her pussy. We watch from above as she raises her heels and rolls her panties off her legs, dropping her knees open to relax and enjoy herself, eyes closed as she rubs at her clit. Sitting up, she removes her bra and lets her pert breasts come free, eager to play with them as she continues to stroke and rub at her clit. Falling onto her back she lifts her ass from the sheets and enters her pussy with two fingers, rubbing at her clit with her free hand, alive with sexual excitement.

7 months ago