Tommy King in Pregnancy Scare-Tactics

A man, Micah (Seth Gamble), is visited by his stepsister, Abby (Tommy King), who is upset as she clutches onto him for a tight hug before being led inside. Once they're comfortable, Abby reveals that she's convinced her fiancé is going to leave her, which shocks Micah.Micah offers to help her in any way he can, though reminds her that sometimes relationships, such as their own parents', don't work out. Abby seems to brush this off as she insists that that's why she's there -- he CAN help. That's when she shares her plan, which is that she thinks that if she were pregnant, she could get her fiancé to stay with her. However, since she's NOT pregnant, she wants Micah himself to impregnate her so that she can pretend it's her fiancé's.Micah is shocked and disgusted by how deceitful the plan is but Abby, desperate to remain in her relationship, begins manipulating him, trying to win him over by tugging at his heartstrings. Yet, Micah is unmoved... until Abby brings up his protective nature. That seems to strike a chord with Micah and Abby hones in, begging for his help.Finally, Micah's resolve crumbles and Abby is about to get everything she wants...

1 year ago