Brittney in BRITTNEY 218

Say hi to 18 year old Brittany, a genuine naughty Catholic schoolgirl who turns out to be an orally obsessed sex fiend. Upon first seeing her, she looks like the most innocent young thing ever, but that evaporates quickly when you see they way she fucks and sucks. Jay starts off as usual with a vibrator, which Brittney seems to like a great deal, but the real magic starts when she drops to the floor to give Jay a beej. You'll realize in about 45 seconds that this girl doesn't just like cock, she's not a mere cock hobbyist, this girl is a cock JUNKY. She teases, tongues and strokes Jay's dick from base to tip with such enthusiasm that if he hadn't stopped her to move to the bed, she'd have probably kept sucking until check out time. She deep throats him, licks his ass and paints his cock with her tongue like an artist. During the interview Brittney explained to Jay that while she's not shy about giving up the pussy, she has only had one orgasm with a guy in her life. This is probably due to her choice of partners - the 18 year old guys she goes to school and parties with. This is a common mistake people make - getting the wrong man for the job. If you want something done right you call a professional. In a case like this, if you want to give a girl an orgasm, you call our man Jay - expert cameraman, yes; but his real speciality is fishing an orgasm out of a tricky vagina with his cock. It's demonstrated perfectly here when he jackhammers Brittney to body shaking O.After Brit gets hers, Jay's gonna get his and he has her drop to her knees for a facial. This is the move we've christened 'The Suicide' - where a girl shoots herself in the face with jizz and the way Brittney coaxes a load out of Jay and catches every drop of it, this probably isn't her first self administered shot to the face.

3 weeks ago