Brooklyn in BROOKLYN13341

By the time you see this update, Brooklyn from Florida is probably already a famous pornstar because she's born to fuck on camera. I think the blinking red light ACTUALLY gets her wet. This update is epic, like Lord of the Rings epic, so be prepared to set aside some serious viewing time.It starts with tons of behind the scenes shots, from her boyfriend/pimp/manager fucking her in the car and then again at the location while Steve is away taking care of business and ends with a hilarious shower scene where the same charmer pees on her feet. There are three separate and amazing blowjobs, including some gagging and face fucking and a huge messy facial at the end. Early on, Brooklyn learns very quickly what this strange invention known as a 'buttplug' is and then how it feels to get eaten out with one inserted. There is endless deep dicking: she gets fucked on her back, fucked on her side, fucked doggy until she's completely fucked out.Towards the end she reveals that her stage name is Brooklyn Daniels and takes every opportunity to sneak in a self promo. So while our 19 year old tornado was too nervous to fly out to shoot her ECG scene alone, she's excited to embark on a full fledged porn career, probably with her boyfriend/suit case pimp/manager/foot washer Brian, or (hopefully) with another lucky guy.

3 weeks ago