Zazie S in Bliss 2

Stunning Zazie S – a sexy girl with blue eyes and shoulder-length blonde hair – gets wet and wild in this fantasy by actress and model-turned-director Sandra Shine. It’s a hot summer day and Zazie decides to chill out with a cool drink outdoors. Dressed casually, in tight cut-off denim shorts and a floaty, colorful blouse, she takes an ice bucket, soda water siphon and bottle of rosé wine into her garden. Sitting at her table, she fixes herself a spritzer – then, as she moves to top it up with more soda water, she splashes some on her blouse, squealing as the cold, sparkling liquid soaks through to her skin. Feeling naughty, she squirts herself again, deliberately this time, giggling as she aims the stream at her denim-clad crotch. Next, her top gets another drenching, the fabric clinging to her small, perfect breasts. She hikes it up so she can squirt them directly, gasping as the bubbly water washes over her nipples. The camera pans down over her flat belly, with its cute navel piercing, as she unfastens her shorts and sprays more water over her little pink panties. She rubs her crotch and peels down the shorts, the contours of her shaved pussy visible through her underwear. Her fingers get to work, caressing her tits and pussy – then, after taking a sip of her drink, she pours the contents of her glass over herself, too. She pulls her panties into a tight, wet string and plays them against her slit, then reaches inside of them, circling her manicured fingers over her clit. Another spray against her belly just gets her even hotter. With one leg raised high in the air, she squirts her pussy directly, gasping with delight at the sensation. Her fingers are a blur as they ream her snatch, then she dips two deep inside of it. Again, she tugs her panty-crotch into her slit, dragging it hard against her fleshy nub as she squirts on more water. Then she strips off the soaked pink cotton and alternates between fingerbanging and spraying her pussy. Half-standing and half-kneeling on her chair, she humps and grinds against her hand, pausing only to taste her juices. Her pleasure increases, her moans becoming louder as she approaches orgasm, her face a picture of bliss. Then, as she takes herself over the brink, she sprays a steady stream of water over her pussy, virtually sobbing as she climaxes. Her entire body arches, trembles and spasms, until she can’t cum anymore. Smiling with satisfaction, she pours herself a fresh drink – only to find she has run out of soda water. With a resigned grin, she grabs the siphon and heads back indoors…

6 days ago