in Violet Applies To Fuck James Deen

Her hair is violet. No wonder her name is Violet. It was easy for James Deen to find her in the streets of New York because her short bright violet strands stand out in the crowd. Violet, with a pair of eyeglasses on, is dressed in a gray V-neck T-shirt topped with a black blazer. The way that she is dressed seems like she is going in for a job interview. She walks around NYC with James Deen, who is wearing a black polo shirt under his black coat. They chat for a little, getting to know each other for a while before heading to a more private place. Once inside the room, Violet hurriedly removes her clothes leaving only her knee-high stockings. James wonders how the conversation turned her on as he kisses her on the lips. She helps him get out of her clothes. As she shoves his pants down and sets his big dick free, he pushes her on the bed, spreads her legs wide and eats her pussy making her wet right away. Grateful for making her feel horny at the very beginning, Violet deepthroats his dick making it harder than it already is. With both of them horny and ready to fuck, James puts her in a doggy-style position, thrusts his big dick inside of her and humps her hard. As Violet adapts to their current sex position, he pulls out, drags her on the other side of the bed, and fucks her, him standing up and her laying on the bed. He then changes their position again. This time, without pulling out, he turns her on her side, making her legs touch each other. Her pussy is now tightly hugging his big hard dick, increasing both of their pleasures. Feeling that orgasm is almost building up inside her, James pulls out. She is obviously disappointed for not making her cum right then and there, so she sucks her dick. She gives him a blowjob as he sits on the bed. She takes his full-length member as she lies down on the bed while she sits on his face. He returns her pleasurable favor as he finger-fucks her pussy. James once again thrusts is big hard dick into her wet pussy, warm juices already dripping from it, in a doggy-style position. He then stuffs his dick, already covered with her cum, inside her mouth. Violet licks off the dripping cum on the tip of his penis before he orgasms and releases his cum into her beautiful face.

9 months ago