in We Like Girls - Siri & Ana

That's right, it's time for another episode of We Like Girls!For this session we had the amazing Siri Dahl, who was so eager and punctual that she practically snuck up on me. Siri's chosen partner for the day was none other than the brilliant Ana Foxxx, because Siri has been longing to do a shoot with her. When I asked Siri why, she said it's because she was hoping to impress Ana. Well, I certainly can't blame her!Ana told me that she thinks Siri is one of the most beautiful women in the industry, and she was thrilled that Siri chose her... so thrilled that she had goosebumps! She was very much looking forward to having fantastic sex with Siri, and maybe even playing Rock Paper Scissors.These lovely ladies had delightful chemistry and a lot of fun on set, and yes they even played Rock Paper Scissors. I hope you enjoy watching them!-Bree Mills

10 months ago