in Amy Riskowitz Has Hardcore Anal Sex in Her Hotel Room

Amy Riskowitz hides half of her bare-naked body behind the white, almost see-through shower curtain. She slowly slides the curtain to the side exposing her bodacious curves as she strides under the shower head drizzling with warm water. She pumps some body wash from the bottle, mixes it with some water and directly applies it to her big tits and freshly-shaved pussy. She continues on with her shower routine as she washes her hair with shampoo. She comfortably talks to someone behind the camera as washes everything off from her body revealing all of her tattoos. She squeezes excess water from her hair and pats herself dry using hotel tissues. James Deen shows up in front of the camera, already naked. With both of them nude and exposed, anyone would expect them to jump into each other and start fucking. But that did not happen at all. They just stood inside the bathroom, talking to each other. It looks like they were getting to know each other. Realizing that the bathroom napkin couldn’t completely dry her off, she takes a towel from the counter, dries herself off then covers her body with it. Her body being covered did not last long. The next thing she knew, she was once again fully naked, on her knees, on the bathroom floor deep throating a big dick. She almost choked every time he thrusts inside her mouth but she finds the sexual act pleasurable anyway. Knowing that Amy loves anal sex way too much, James turns her around with her head almost on the toilet. It’s a relief to see that the toilet seat is covered. He rammed into her fuck hole making her scream at the sudden action. The current position wasn’t giving him enough pleasure so he decides to push her upper body even lower to the ground that she is almost seeing the gray tiles of the bathroom floor. Feeling her about to reach climax, he pulls his dick out of her fuck hole, shoves it inside her mouth, pulls it out again and slammed it into her pussy making her release her warm cum into his big dick without any warning. Anal sex was too rough that Amy ended up on the bathroom floor.

9 months ago