in Becumming Bisexual #03 - Adira Allure, Dereck Defendi & Steve Rickz

Adira Allure is relaxing on the beach in her bikini, having a good time with her boyfriend Steve Rickz and their friend Dereck Defendi. But then Adira gets a message from her friend Charlotte, who is supposed to be Dereck's date today. It turns out that Charlotte is stuck at work and won't be able to join them.Adira shares the bad news with the two men, but suggests an alternative plan so Dereck won't be without a date... he could join her and Steve for a threesome! Steve assures Dereck that it would be fine, because he shares Adira with lots of guys.Dereck is open to the idea, so they go back to Adira's place to get started. She demonstrates her cocksucking skills by giving Dereck a blowjob, while Steve eagerly watches. Eventually, Steve joins in to fuck Adira, and Dereck comments that Steve has a nice cock. Adira says that sucking Steve's dick with another guy would be really hot, and Dereck agrees to give it a try... if Steve's okay with it, that is. Steve admits that he's never had his cock sucked by another guy before, but there's a first time for everything!

9 months ago