in Ryan 011910

Ryan might have a boy's name and the sexual appetite that matches any guy, but other than that our 18 year old ASU freshman is all girl. You wouldn't know it by just looking at her but the girl is a fricken nympho! And she loves it rough. Jay is happy to take her up on the challenge, and not just when he rams a vibrator in her pussy, another toy in her ass, and has her use a vibrator on her clit at the same time. She screams and moans and tries hard to cum as much as possible with all those toys in her holes. It gets much rougher than that though. Jay deepthroats and face-fucks her to the point where most girls her age would run out screaming, but even that's not hardcore enough for Ryan to call it quits. Then Jay starts fucking her nice and slow but quickly increases his speed and aggression. You can see her excitement grow the harder Jay thrusts in her. It gets really wild during doggy, though. It's not usual to have a 18 year old girl shout "slap me harder! As hard as you can!", but that's crazy Ryan for ya. After he does as requested, you can see Jay's handprint on Ryan's ass for the rest of the shoot, that's how hard she gets slapped. Hey, she asked for it. Ryan will experience her first anal today, she just doesn't know it yet. Although Jay's incessant ass fingering and toying should have given her a clue that he's obsessed with her secret spot. After doggy (where Jay probes her asshole with a vibrator as he fucks her, to give her a little preview LOL), he talks her into getting assfucked properly. She is excited to get assfucked for the first time, but also nervous. Jay's big cock may not have been the best intro to anal sex - "breathe, baby", he says and she tries to keep it together, but Jay's cock filling her asshole is still a lot to take. Pun intended. You get to watch Ryan's facial expressions as she gets assfucked thanks to Picture-in-Picture editing. When Jay takes his cock out of her ass because it's so painful for her, Ryan has him try again. Good girl! Ryan is a really great girl with lots of enthusiasm, is up for anything including rough sex, and only minimally complains about having her face and hair plastered with cum in the end. Maybe we'll have her back for an interracial midget threesome and a donkey, I don't know how else we could top today's shoot with Ryan. Let us know what you think of her. - Steve

1 year ago