Experiencing The Other Side

Codey Steele rushes over to his friend Lumi Ray's house, only to find her crying on the couch surrounded by tissues. It turns out that Lumi caught her girlfriend cheating on her, causing her to put their ten-year relationship on the rocks. To make matters even worse, Lumi's girlfriend wasn't caught cheating with another woman, but with a MAN. Codey tries to be a good friend and console Lumi, but she's totally out of sorts. How will she ever find anyone like her ex ever again? She's DOOMED to be alone for the rest of her life, and she knows it! But Codey isn't giving up on her that easily... He gently reminds her of all the reasons why she's his best friend ever and gives her a warm hug. The hug lingers, however, and ends with Codey giving Lumi a gentle kiss on the lips. They break apart and Lumi is stunned, a million emotions rushing through her at the same time. Codey and Lumi stare at each other, their gazes charged with electricity. And then, without even thinking about it, Lumi goes in for more. Codey stops her for a moment- is she sure she wants to do this? But Lumi is certain, telling Codey that she wants to experience the other side!

3 months ago