A Little Birdie Told Me

Alex Legend is planning on returning to France after a nasty breakup with his ex. As he packs his bags in his bedroom, he's visited by his ex's best friend, Kylie Rocket. It seems that a little birdie told her what happened, and she wanted to check up on him. Despite what happened between him and her best friend, she always thought Alex was a good guy. It's really too bad he's leaving... Alex appreciates the sentiment but, given what's occurred, he thinks he needs to take some time to recharge and reset. He wants to see his friends and family and reconnect with his home a little bit. As much as he'd like to stay, there's nothing much keeping him here, to be honest. But when Kylie reveals that she'd be interested in getting frisky with Alex, he gets intrigued. Kylie's always found him cute, and she'd like to take her shot with him before he flies away, never to be seen again. Kylie doesn't care if Alex dated her best friend- she's been waiting on the sidelines for so long... who's to say she can't have a little honey for herself? Alex is convinced, and the two of them embrace, joining together for sensual, intimate lovemaking.

2 months ago