My Teacher’s Seed

Gal had a huge fight with her boyfriend and broke up with him. She can barely live without her man’s precious juice, so she’s been distraught the whole semester. Her grades are at an all-time low and if her GPA drops, she won’t get into the graduate program she’s had her heart set on. Will, her favorite teacher, asks her about her situation and Gal explains to him the rough patch she’s in. The sweet guy remembers facing the same issue with his wife, and how everything worked out once she got pregnant. Now, Gal has a new idea: if her hot teacher plants his seed inside of her, all of her problems will be solved! In a private tutoring session, Gal seduces Will so he can plant his seed inside of her. Impregnated by her favorite teacher, Gal breaks the big news to Will!

4 months ago