Just a Slut?

Carassio is lucky to have OwlCrystal, a hot vixen with an everlasting sex appetite, as his girlfriend. His mom, however, begs to differ: she thinks that the horny girl is wrecking his life, having sex with him all the time instead of letting him focus on other stuff. The problem is that Carassio’s bitchy mom has bad timing: she just called her son to tell her this in the middle of a blowjob! Now that OwlCrystal has learned what her “mother-in-law” thinks about her, she will get her revenge. There’s only so much that she can do with Carassio’s huge dick, and she doesn’t mind adding some extra sex toys to pervert the not-so-naive Carassio. Maybe his mom will learn his lesson when she gets to see the filthy videos the two shot, having sex all over the house with all kinds of toys and positions that Carassio’s prude mother hasn’t even heard of.

3 months ago