A Curious Japanese Girl

Cute schoolgirl Natsuki is chilling in the park when Tatsu approaches her to make her a proposal she can't refuse. Natsuki laughs curiously, eager to see what her new friend has in store for her. Suddenly, Tatsu pulls out a vibrating sex toy from his bag and gently rubs it in Natsuki’s small boobs. The Japanese girl gets a little nervous, but she also feels a rush she never felt before. Eager to learn more, Tatsu takes Natsuki to a private spot where he starts to tickle her between her legs. Natsuki slowly awakens the sex beast inside of her, wanting to see what else the pervy stranger does to her. As Tatsu’s finger gently touches her pussy, making Natsuki moan loudly. In return, Natsuki licks Tatsu’s cock, giggling while she softly swallows it. Curiosity got the best of her, and now she won’t stop until her new friend drills her pussy open.

3 months ago