Sticky Situations

What’s up, TeamSkeet fans? Remember those good ol’ days when you woke up with a messy load in your undies after one wild dream? What if we told you we had an extra hot scene about it a while ago and that it will make you cum just like when you were a teen? Published on June 6th, 2021, on the PervMom series, it features Penny Barber, one of the sexiest and boldest stepmom in our roster. You gotta sympathize with Robbie, her stepson, who keeps waking up all covered in his cum after dreaming of humping her. Penny knows the boy fantasizes about her, and her sweet jugs, so one morning, noticing the creamy liquid over his young body, she comes into his room to “give him a little training” on how not to wet the bed like that. Sitting on her stepson’s cock, Penny shows him how to save his wad for a better purpose. Craving to feel Robbie’s man juice inside of her, she rides that dick until Robbie can’t help but stuff her up. The next day, Penny is hungry for cum once more, so she gives Robbie a talk about his future with the ladies. She tells him that he needs to learn how to please a woman if he wants to get a girlfriend–the perfect excuse to have a creamy breakfast, courtesy of her stepson. As she drinks up, she looks at Robbie sassily, knowing that he’ll never hear the end of it. Now a true fan of her stepson’s cum, Penny surprises him by jerking off and decides to dive into her boy’s fantasies. It’s time for her to surprise him now with a provocative dress and thirst for cum that won’t be quenched until he shoots every drop inside her luscious pussy.

3 months ago