Sexy Scavenger Hunt

When Nia discovers her beloved boss Eric didn’t get a birthday party on his special day, she decides to make him a sexy scavenger hunt. The bodacious babysitter conceals different sexy items around Eric’s house for him to look for. The prize is that he can use whatever he finds on Nia! Eric diligently follows all of the clues to get dildos, handcuffs, sex toys, and other tempting goods to try on his kids’ babysitter. The final element on the list is Nia herself, wearing a very erotic attire while lying on his bed. Now, it’s time to blindfold the naughty nanny and make her suck a dildo to test how far she is willing to go. Nia fulfills each of her boss’ fantasies willingly, showing him her raunchy true colors. She had always had a crush on him and his wife’s birthday oversight was the perfect excuse to make her move and get a grip of his lip-smacking cock. Her dream comes true as Eric shoves his hard boner into her starvin' pussy. The babysitter rides her boss’ dick like a mad cowgirl, locking his eyes on him while her boobs bounce, begging him to cum.

3 months ago