Taking Care of the Girls

Alexa has always been annoyed by her husband, Scott. He’s the kind of guy who parades around the house and expects the world only to ignore Alexa. Meanwhile, their stepdaughter, Odds, gets all of stepdaddy’s attention. Like a good stepdaddy, Scott loved to caress Odds’s perfect tiny tits. They were small but so grabbable, and he could never resist copping a feel. Alexa finds Scott extremely irritable, so when Scott chokes on a sausage and leaves the mortal world for greener passages, Alexa isn’t all too beat up about it. But with Scott gone, it’s up to Kai to become the man of the house. More than anything, the women of the house need Kai to step up his dick game. Although he never knew it, Alexa always wanted Kai. She’d peek at the bulge in his pants at family dinners and had always wondered if he had a big cock, and what it would be like to mess around with him. They’d never had the chance to fuck around stepson-stepmommy style, but now was Alexa’s chance to see what kind of meat Kai was packing. Alexa explains she is going to be needing cock a lot more often now. Kai is hesitant to open up that type of relationship with his stepmom, but once she wraps her sweet lips around his cock, he is ready to take up the responsibilities of the man of the house. While Alexa sucks Kai’s dick, Odds watches and touches herself. Kai tries to shoo his stepsister away silently, but the young chick is too wet and turned on. Odds never knew that seeing her stepbrother get his cock sucked by their stepmom would be such a turn-on. Alexa gets Kai’s dick deep down in her throat, letting her stepson pump her mouth full of hot sticky cum. Later, Kai has the chance to mess around with both his stepmom and his stepsis - a threesome dreams are made of. Kai shows the girls that he’s ready to be the full-time man of the house. He makes sure both Alexa and Odds get a chance to bounce on his dick.

3 months ago