I Wasn’t Expecting Two Cocks

When Hon and Sonoda show up at Manami’s door, she hesitantly welcomes them at her place. Being an excellent host, she offers them something to eat, but the guys are hungry for snacks. They suddenly start fondling her, removing her panties and fingering her. Manami is paralyzed by the situation. She certainly wasn’t expecting this and attempts to resist, but she cannot go against her deepest desire: sex with two strangers. Hon and Sonoda masturbate her intensely and twist Manami’s nipples, lowering her barriers and making her lust for more. In the bedroom, Manami’s fantasy becomes real as the guys pull out their cocks and force her to suck. Manami is just baffled by the image of two dicks right next to her cute cheeks, easing them into her mouth to savor them. Hon and Sonoda put her to the test by fucking her luscious pussy while making her eat dick, a challenge that Manami is surprisingly good at. As a reward, the men give Manami something she never even fantasized about but welcomes with gratitude: a nice creampie!

3 months ago