Stress-Relieving Threesome

Brad, Ellie, and Liz arrive from the office to the loft. Brad told them they were going to talk about things that had happened at work. When they arrive, he explains that he is not happy with how they are doing at work. The girls try to convince him that they are committed to their jobs. Brad looks at them, smiles, and tells them they have to do everything to grow in the company. A gentle massage makes Brad release some tension, opening up to the girls about his stressful day-to-day life. Liz and Ellie get comfortable, remove Brad’s and their clothes, and go straight for his cock. The girls share the juicy dick to make their boss feel better. They know exactly what he needs: a nice threesome. Fucking the girls will change Brad’s opinion of their work, especially if gets to shoot his creamy load on Liz and Ellie’s doll faces.

3 months ago