Seed Me in Secret

Yaya is trying to get pregnant unsuccessfully. Her husband hasn’t pulled out for a while, attempting to put a baby inside her, but nothing is working, and she’s growing desperate by the minute. No matter how many times the guy ejaculates inside of her, he simply can’t put a baby in her oven, and Yaya needs to fix this. To make things worse, Rion, her husband’s stepson, has awakened something inside of the milf’s desire, reminding her of a young version of her hubby. As the young boy lifts some weight half-naked in the house, Yaya can’t help but imagine how it would feel to have her stepson breeding her. She has even spied him while showering, entertaining her pussy with the idea of Rion cumming inside of her. Worrying that she might go mad, Yaya confronts Rion and tries to convince him of the unthinkable: having unprotected sex with him to get pregnant by a younger version of her husband. Rion is surprised by the proposal, but he also has lusted over his stepmom in the past, and he understands her predicament, so he is willing to give her his seed to make her and his dad happy. In an intense fuck session, Rion fills his stepmom up with his sweet load, creaming up her pussy to knock her up.

2 months ago