Fighting for a Promotion

Amanda is a hard-working mom who tries to make ends meet by balancing a demanding job and her family life. Bodacious and sexy, she is constantly approached by Mike, her boss, a creepy stud trying to have sex with her. He tells her she has the potential to succeed, but she needs to do other stuff in the office to get a promotion. He suddenly starts rubbing Amanda’s huge tits over her top, making her feel a little awkward. The milf tells him she has a husband and kids, but Mike doesn’t care. Yet, the lack of sex at home and the rush she feels from her boss’ warm hands on her chest awakens something in her, and she is desperate to keep her job, so she lets Mike play with her juicy nipples. Now completely naked on her desk, Amanda enjoys her boss’ tongue going wild on her pussy, making Amanda moan loudly. Maybe it’s not such a bad idea to climb on top of Mike and get her pussy stuffed to succeed in this job…

2 months ago