My Fucking Crazy Cosplay Girlfriend

Natalie Brooks tries to initiate a quickie fuck with her distracted Boyfriend, Seth Gamble, before he goes to work, resulting in some "false starts" in the bathroom — she can't get his attention even with his cock in her mouth. When did their relationship get so stale? When Seth leaves, Natalie gets an idea: she steps into her walk-in closet and transforms into her alter-ego: Luna Baby! Luna Baby is Natalie's opposite: she's tattooed and cosplays with raunchy bravado. She's determined to get Seth's attention! Dressed up and horny as hell, Luna Baby runs through a sweaty training montage, vigorously fucking her mouth and pussy with her arsenal of colorful dildos. When Seth returns home, Luna leads him right to the bedroom to jump on his cock. What's happened to his girlfriend? An alternative-sex freak, Luna leads Seth through a litany of aggressive positions for him to pound her pussy into oblivion - standing, sitting, and lying down. Concluding with a messy cumshot, Luna calmly steps into the walk-in closet, and Natalie steps out, satisfied at the new lease on her sex life.

2 months ago