Movie Night Slut Steals Cock

Vince and his girlfriend are watching a scary movie on the couch, but when he goes for a kiss she rejects him. Vince complains but sits dejected as his girlfriend moves down the couch. Sexy Aviana enters the room and seeing mopey Vince, decides to fool around with him. She drops down on the couch between them, and when she sees that his girlfriend’s distracted, shows Vince her pussy! He fingers Aviana’s wet pussy before she gives him a handjob and rides Vince’s dick on the couch, his girlfriend hiding under a blanket, scared of the movie. After Vince gets told to grab more popcorn when she sneaks a peek (without catching them), Vince returns with a full bowl only to find that Aviana has slunk back over the couch to give him a hot BJ and flash him her perfect tits! Vince passes his oblivious girlfriend the popcorn before sneaking off with Aviana to fuck in the couple’s bedroom. When they’re interrupted by a sleepy-eyed girlfriend laying down close to them in bed they head to the bathroom to fuck, only to get busted! Vince gets dumped as Aviana wipes cum off herself with a hand towel and laughs.

2 months ago