Special Sponsorship

May, 2024 Natalia is a college freshman looking for sponsorship for her upcoming trip with her cheerleading squad. She is knocking door to door when she is surprised by Jerry, a hot and mature neighbor. Natalia has a soft spot for older men, so she offers him a different kind of promotion: rather than selling him cookies, he can taste his sweet pussy! The frisky blonde gives Jerry a hot solo show by rubbing his cunt in front of him until the guy can’t help but lick it like a lollipop. Feeling spicy and all wet, Natalia gets a grip on Jerry’s dick to devour it desperately, trying to swallow the whole thing to feel it in the back of her throat. Jerry loves Natalia’s cheerleading spirit so he replies by pounding her pussy to hear her scream in delight. The two seal their naughty deal with Jerry splashing Natalia’s face with his creamy cum.

2 months ago