Concept: Double Creampie

What’s up, TeamSkeet fans? Let’s have some fun and jump right into a new Labs update. So we all love creampies because what’s not to love about a perfect pussy filled up with a hot, messy load? But what happens when the horniest of babes aren’t satisfied with just one creampie? Well, the answer is simple - you give her a double creampie. This concept is easy to understand, and with the experiment, you’ll see chicks getting cummed inside of twice. While the horny chick already has one load inside of her, the next stud comes along and gives her even more cum to enjoy. In this episode, Ally calls David and Joshua to come by for some fun. The guys think they’re just coming over to chill and watch some movies, but Ally has a much kinkier plan for the day. She wants to get fucked, hard, and raw by both David and Joshua. The guys are stunned and are more than down to help out Ally with her newfound love for sex. Ally pulls off the condoms from Joshua and David, and this is when the fun really begins. Fucking Ally raw is so much nicer, and her wild pussy powers make it hard not to cum right away. When the guys can’t hold their loads anymore, they take turns unleashing shot after shot of cum inside Ally’s snatch. Their juices mix with hers to make one massive, kinky creampie. Ally quivers with delight, loving the feeling of having two big loads of cum in her at once.

2 months ago