Meet My Homecumming Date

Jay brings his new girlfriend and homecoming date, Ava, over to his house to meet his stepmom, Kaylee. Ava is excited to meet Ava, but that excitement quickly turns into confusion when Ava learns just how close Kaylee and Jay are. Thinking they are alone, Ava and Jay have some fun in Jay’s bedroom. Ava eagerly sucks Jay’s cock, wanting nothing more than for him to bust a big load for her to enjoy. But during the entire blowjob, Kaylee continues to enter the room and disrupt them. When Kaylee inserts herself into the mix, it’s too much for Ava, and she leaves. Kaylee doesn’t want Jay to get blue balls, so she finishes off her stepson then and there. Like a true mature babe, her dick-sucking skills are unrivaled. She fits her stepson’s cock down her throat with ease, swishing the juices around and licking the tip of his dick to make sure when he’s sensitive so when he busts, it feels even better. Still, Kaylee wants Ava to see that she’s welcome in their house and that she’ll give Ava the same attention she gives Jay. The milf sets her plan in motion, and while Ava tries on her homecoming dress, she caresses the sweet chick’s stunning body. One thing leads to another, and soon Kaylee has Ava on her back, her dress lifted so she can see her pussy. Kaylee goes down on Ava, eating her pussy like only an experienced woman knows how. Jay watches in awe and knows he has to do whatever it takes to fuck both of these chicks. Jay gets his chance when Kaylee wants to join in on a quickie between Jay and Ava. The couple agrees, and Kaylee and Ava start sucking Jay’s cock together. It’s a wild, taboo threesome and one that none of them will ever forget. Ava and Kaylee take turns bouncing on Jay’s dick, letting him stuff his cock deep inside their pussies as far as it will go. When Jay can’t hold his load any longer, he shoots his cum all over both Ava and Kaylee, who are on their knees waiting to be covered in a hot, sticky mess.

2 months ago