The House Bunny Part 2: Bunnies at Play

The House Bunny (Part 2 of 3): Bunny is making herself comfortable as the sorority's house mother. Maya, Jade, and Charlotte are learning a lot from Bunny, and they’re ready to put their newfound knowledge to good use. Their fun is interrupted when Sonny, a girl from a competing and far more popular sorority, drops in to see what all the new commotion is about. Sonny hears the girls throwing a party, so she invites herself and all the cool people on campus. Sonny’s presence is sure to put Bunny, Maya, Jade, and Charlotte to the test. Sonny is certain the girls will fail, but to her surprise, the party turns out to be a hit - especially when Maya, Jade, and Charlotte show up in sexy bunny lingerie. Maya especially finds herself at the center of attention when she brings Tyler upstairs for some fun. Bunny follows to make sure her girl is ready to fly. Tyler ends up getting to fuck around with both chicks, getting his cock sucked and dick wet in a sensational threesome. But all their good times may soon come to an end, as Sonny gets all of Bunny’s fun on camera and is sure to present her unorthodox methods of care to the university’s administration.

4 weeks ago