Wedding Night Threesome

Parker just married Fiona, the girl of his dreams. The ceremony was perfect and now is the time for the most amazing night of all. Parker wants to give Fiona one scorching-hot first time as husband and wife, removing her dress eagerly to eat her pussy. Everything is going as planned until Foxxxy, Parker’s step-nana, shows up at their door. Fiona runs to the bathroom while Parker talks to his step-nana. The silver-haired milf wants to ensure that his favorite boy is properly treated on his first night as a married man, so she starts sucking his cock to show him he shouldn’t settle for less. Suddenly, Fiona comes back and discovers her husband feeding his step-nana with dick. Shocked, she tries to leave, but Foxxxy convinces her that this is all in their best interest, starting a horny threesome that will make the wedding night even better.

1 month ago