We Play While Dads Away

Annie King has just arrived home and is putting away groceries with her stepson Jodie Johnson when her phone rings. It's her husband, telling her that he won't be home for the holiday weekend like he promised. Annie says she and Jodie will have fun anyway. Later, Jodie is getting ready to barbecue when Annie comes out in a patriotic bikini and asks him to rub suntan lotion on her. She urges him closer and closer to her big bazongas, and soon Jodie is kneading those tits like it's his job. When Annie turns around and rubs Jodie's crotch, she finds him nice and hard for her to suck him off nice and sloppy. Their fun takes a hardcore turn as Annie climbs to straddle Jodie and sink down until she's full of dick. She rides him in cowgirl, then in reverse cowgirl. Jodie gets to take charge as he pounds his stepmom in doggy. Annie lets Jodie finish her off on her back. When he knows he's sated his stepmilf, Jodie pulls out and cums on her stomach. Annie suggests they shower and do it again since they have all weekend.

1 month ago