When Crime Pays

Joseph is an innocent man who has found himself in a sticky situation. His milf lawyer, Skylar, feels awful that she can’t do anything to save him. However, what she can do, is make sure he gets as much pussy as possible before heading to the clink. Skylar has been hot for her client since the jump, so getting to play with his cock is just an added bonus for her. Joseph meets with Jewell and Katy, and all the while, Skylar jerks him off under the desk. Once the other babes leave, Skylar and Joseph return to having fun. Skylar gets her pussy pounded hard, and Joseph holds nothing back, making sure to get every inch of his shaft as deep as possible! When he can’t hold his load any longer, Joseph cums hard in Skylar’s mouth, giving her every drop of cum he can.

1 month ago