A Very Bratty Debate Club

Emma is a brat, and everyone knows it - everyone except for Emma! When she causes problems for her debate club, school counselor John steps in to put an end to her behavioral issues. He enlists Emma in the highly taboo and risky Brat Tamer program, which will test Emma’s behavior to the highest degree. She thinks she’s going to outsmart John, but as soon as he sticks a finger in her pussy and gets her to cum, she melts like butter. Soon, John has Emma under his control, and although she tries to play it cool, she’s come around to being submissive. Something inside of her has been unlocked, and her new submissive side is one she never knew existed. John keeps Emma cumming on the regular, and with each orgasm, part of her bratty personality dissipates. The last part of their program comes to its head when John fucks Emma hard, filling up her perfect pussy with his cock. She loves getting railed by an older guy. His experience pushes Emma over the top, and it’s like nothing she’s ever felt before. John realizes just how much Emma is enjoying herself, and though she isn’t supposed to be having this much fun, he won’t complain!

1 month ago