Prom Queens at Home

Stella and Khloe get stood up by their prom dates/high school crushes. Noticing they are bummed, Axel and Jayden, their loving stepbrothers, step in to comfort them by organizing an impromptu “prom party” at their own home, just for the four of them. The girls are touched by this act of kindness enjoying a curiously romantic moment with the boys when slow dancing. Feeling both vulnerable and horny, the girls realize that they could actually go all the way with Axel and Jayden. Their hormones are wild and they need to experience a full prom experience, even if it means having sex with their stepbrothers. The warm sensation of the boys’ cocks over their dresses gets them all horned up, eager to learn how big they are. Axel and Jayden want to do everything to make the girls feel good about themselves, so they eat their sweet pussies and give them a nice pounding to make prom night unforgettable.

1 month ago