Full Benefits

Jason X is trying to work, but his employees Betzz and Lilly Bella have other ideas. The girls take their time dressing one another in sexy lingerie and enjoying sweet caresses. Then they slip into dresses and check themselves apply makeup to each other. When they're prepared, they join Jason in his office. Flanking Jason, the ladies tell him he needs to stop working so hard all the time. Lilly takes Jason by the tie, and the ladies lead him to the couch where he knows he's about to get to enjoy some play. Soon enough, the trio are exchanging sweet kisses and hot caresses. Dropping to her knees, Betzz relieves Jason of his pants. His stiffie pops free, the perfect thing for Betzz to wrap her hands and lips around. Lilly drops to her knees to join Betzz, creating a double BJ that makes Jason weak in the knees. Seated on the couch, Jason watches as Betzz crawls onto the arm. Her pussy is at perfect eating position, giving Jason something to do with his mouth as Lilly keeps on sucking him off. Then, Lilly gets to seat herself on Jason's hardon in reverse cowgirl as she leans forward to lap at Betzz's twat. When Lilly really goes for it, Betzz takes the opportunity to lick at Jason's balls. Betzz gets on her knees next with Jason behind her. She buries her moans in Lilly's smooth snatch. Lilly eventually gets on her knees atop Betzz, creating a lesbian 69 with Jason banging her. They keep it up until Jason blows his nut on Lilly's bottom, then gives Betzz the top to suck clean.

1 month ago