You Do Chores, I’ll Free Use!

What’s up, Mylf lovers? Let’s jump into all the kinky fun that comes with a Classics update! This scene was originally published on November 27th, 2022. It was an instant hit and remains a fan favorite to this day. It comes from our acclaimed FreeUse Milf series, so you know it’s a good one. In this episode, Oliver and Joe want a ride to the bowling alley, and Julia, Oliver’s stepmom, is the only one around who can take them. But the guys won’t get what they want without helping Julia first. She needs help with chores around the house, so the trio gets right to work. Only Oliver and Julia have an odd relationship. Despite being stepmother and stepson, the two are always messing around sexually. Joe can’t believe what he’s seeing when Julia starts sucking Oliver’s cock, and not to mention being so casual about it. Oliver doesn’t bat an eye either as he pushes his shaft far down his stepmom’s throat while they do the dishes. Joe gets the short end of the stick again and folds laundry while Oliver gets his dick wet. He storms out of the house, and Oliver starts to fuck his stepmom even more intensely, making sure to really please her and pound her pussy with passion.

1 month ago