All According To Plan

Kait has been going through a rough patch in life. She doesn’t feel like anything is working out, but she thinks she can turn it around if she can get some alone time with her trainer, Joey. Kait sets her plan in motion, skipping out on a few payments for her training sessions so that Joey calls her out. When Joey does call her out, Kait plays innocent, waiting for Joey to suggest another form of payment. She’s been thinking about his cock, and what it would be like to get fucked by such a muscly stud. Being a petite babe, she knows he could pick her up easily and pound her pussy into oblivion. It’s all she’s been able to think about, and if she’s going to get her life back on track, she needs Joey to fuck her hard. When Joey does suggest sex, Kait jumps at the opportunity but plays it cool, not letting him know she’s been hoping for this outcome. Joey pummels Kait’s pussy, lifting her up in the air and making sure to give her every inch, and pushing his cock inside of her as deep as it will go. Kait loves every second of their kinky fling, and she looks up at Joey with intense lust. When Joey can’t go any longer, he cums hard and gives Kait a big creamy load. She swallows every drop she can and savors his hot messy load as she smiles at him lovingly - she knows this won’t be the last time they fuck around like this.

1 month ago