Stay Home With Me Instead

Cassie’s stepsons, Jimmy and Kai, are planning to go to the military. The call of duty has reached them, and they’re ready to serve their country. But it will be hard to leave their stepmom, especially when they’ve developed such a close relationship. And not to mention, they get to use Cassie freely whenever they like. Although it’s a bit unorthodox, Cassie, Jimmy, and Kai fuck all the time. Not many stepmoms fuck around with their stepsons like Cassie, but she wants to see them happy, and she just loves sucking on their cocks. If they were to leave, she would be distraught, so she does everything in her power to convince them to stay. She knows if Jimmy and Kai go away, they’ll miss getting their dicks wet whenever they like. For the next few days, Cassie goes all out and shows her stepsons what they’ll be missing if they leave. Jimmy and Kai begin to realize that leaving home may not be the best decision for them. After all, there is no pussy in the world as good as their stepmom’s!

1 month ago