Reunited And It Feels So Good

Dylan and his stepmom, Wynn, are staying with his stepaunt, Sinatra, and his stepcousin, Isabella, for a little while for a summer vacation. Isabella has been looking forward to seeing Dylan, as she’s always had a big crush on him. She knows it’s a little weird to be so attracted to her stepcousin, but he’s only her stepcousin, after all, so it’s all fair game. When Dylan and Isabella find themselves alone together, Isabella wastes no time putting the moves on Dylan. She comes right out and lets him know how she feels and that she’s super horny for him. Shocked, Dylan doesn’t know exactly how to respond, but he can’t pass up the opportunity to mess around with Isabella. Dylan and Isabella dry hump on Isabella’s bed until Wynn and Sinatra catch them. The older women know they should break it up and shouldn’t encourage this behavior between stepcousins, but seeing Dylan and Isabella mess around gives them an idea. The two are clearly inexperienced, so why not show them the ropes? Wynn and Sinatra have far more talents when it comes to sex, so they can show Dylan and Isabella how it’s done. The milfs teach Dylan and Isabella how to make out, and all the teaching gets them excited, too. Soon, the session gets ultra-kinky, and Dyan finds himself naked with his stepmom, stepaunt, and stepcousin. Wynn and Sinatra show Isabella how to suck cock, and show Dylan how to eat a girl’s pussy. The kinky stepfamily summer vacation fuck fest means everyone gets to have fun, so Dylan has to make sure he doesn’t cum early, as all three babes want a piece of his cock. The lucky stud fucks Isabella, Wynn, and Sinatra. He’s a quick learner and takes all the positive advice received from his stepmom and stepaunt. Isabella can’t believe things turned out this way, but the situation has gone better than she could have dreamed. When Dylan can’t hold his load any longer, he busts hard and gives the babes a creamy load to enjoy.

1 month ago