Liar Liar Panties On Fire‌

Kimmy Kimm has invited her two college friends Gal Ritchie and Maya Woulfe over to her place to hang out. Gal's the newest friend in the trio, with Maya and Kimmy having met her at school recently. They both adore Gal, thinking she's one of the coolest and interesting people they've met. But when Gal excuses herself to go to the bathroom, it's revealed that Kimmy and Maya's plans for Gal are not as platonic as they seem. It turns out that each of them has a huge crush on Gal, which they've been keeping a secret until now. The girls turn instantly competitive, each vying to seduce Gal for themselves. When Gal comes back, it's clear that the mood has shifted. Before long, Kimmy and Maya are obviously at odds with each other, with Gal being able to tell that it's all because of her. There's no need to bicker, however... Gal is more than happy to share herself with her two new friends. And what better way to have a group experience they'll never forget... than with a sensual, erotic threesome?

1 month ago