Ass-Up And Anonymous

Codi Vore's life has been pretty boring as of late. With a daily routine set in stone, she can predict what's about to happen at every corner. Needless to say, she's searching for a little spontaneity to keep her on her toes. Something totally unpredictable. In order for that to happen, however, she's going to have to relinquish TOTAL control... starting in her bedroom. Codi straps herself to her bed, ass-up so that both her holes are ready for the taking. In walks Penny Barber, an anonymous hookup that Codi recruited for this experience. And Penny knows exactly how to dominate the willing Codi... with a plethora of toys and bondage instruments, of course. Legs up... ass-up... it doesn't matter. Codi's at Penny's total mercy, and she loves it.

1 month ago