Business As Usual

Joshua has started working with his stepmom, Bree, but he soon learns that business with her isn’t what he expected. His role in the company won’t involve filing paperwork and running meetings - Bree has a much different plan for Joshua’s projected career path. She needs to blow off some steam, and the only way to do so is by getting fucked, and getting fucked hard. Joshua finds sex toys in Bree’s bedroom, and she puts her stepson to work right away. Joshua needs to please his stepmom and prove to her he can be a valuable asset to the company. Joshua can’t believe this is what his stepmom hired him for, and it’s too good to be true! But there is a catch - she gets all the pleasure, and she won’t let him cum until she believes he’s earned the right to. Joshua uses the sex toys to get his stepmom off, and it isn’t until later that he finally gets to bust his nut. Bree sucks Joshua’s cock until he busts a big load, which she swallows down entirely. When Joshua continually proves his value to the company, Bree rewards the sweet boy with her ass. Joshua fucks his stepmom’s ass, pushing his cock deep inside of her. Bree loves the kinky sensation and rides Joshua with intensity, gyrating and grinding hard. When Joshua can no longer hold his load, he busts all over his stepmom’s asshole. She adores his cum all over her and rubs it into herself, savoring all their recent sexual flings.

1 month ago