Happier Without You

Charlotte Sins and her ex-girlfriend, Bella Rolland, meet up at Charlotte's place to tie up some loose ends. However, Bella is accompanied by her new date, Alexis Tae, and Charlotte is accompanied by HER new date, Hazel Moore, which leads to both Charlotte and Bella having flashes of jealousy. As Bella drops off her house keys and picks up her belongings, she and Charlotte keep trying to one-up each other, wanting to show off how HAPPY they are. But things get out of hand once Charlotte and Hazel start making out, which spurs Bella and Alexis to make out right then and there next to them. Eventually, Alexis and Hazel point out there are clearly unresolved feelings between the exes. With some prodding, Charlotte and Bella begrudgingly admit to missing each other, and decide to give things another try with help from Alexis and Hazel, leading to an energetic foursome!

1 month ago