Whenever Sharon White is feeling the need to have a good time, she knows all she has to do is slip into sexy lingerie and her boyfriend Henry Spunks will give her anything she wants. Knowing that Henry is watching her with hot eyes as she gets ready, Sharon takes her time. When she's finally in her high heels, sheer stockings, and hot lingerie, she enters the room to get their party started. Joining Henry in bed, Sharon arches her back so that he can indulge in her firm titties. He goes straight to work, kneading with his hands and sucking with his sweet lips. In return, Sharon slides her hand down Henry's chest until she reaches the bulge in his briefs. Pulling that nice hardon out, Sharon dips her head to deliver a languorous blowjob. For her trouble, Sharon finds herself with her back against the pillows and Henry hovering above her. It's his time to slide his palm down Sharon's front. When he reaches her pussy, he tugs the panties aside so he can deliver a nice finger bang. Leaning down, Henry adds his tongue to the equation to really get Sharon primed. Only then does he shift to kneel between Sharon's thighs and shove deep into that cram filled coochie. Rolling onto her side, Sharon mewls in delight as Henry spoons behind her. Lifting her thigh, Sharon takes it like the champ she is. She sets the pace next as she rolls Henry onto his back so she can ride him nice and slow in cowgirl. Things only speed up when Sharon turns around for reverse cowgirl action that has her throwing her head back in pleasure. When Sharon gets on her knees, Henry knows just what she wants. He slams back home, thrusting his hips to keep the time Sharon is setting with her own rocking motion. When she's finally sated, Sharon rolls onto her back and delivers a titty fuck that helps Henry get off too.

1 month ago