Aliyah Love is thrilled that, for the first time in ages, she gets to spend the day with her beloved stepson. She cooked him his favorite breakfast, but even after almost half an hour, he hadn’t touched the meal. He couldn’t wipe the happy smile off his face or tear himself away from his messenger app. His stepmother is extremely puzzled, as he’s never chatted with his friends like this before. Has her stepson finally found a soulmate? The guy avoids answering directly, saying he’ll have breakfast later but is a bit busy right now. Aliyah feels it’s necessary to get to the truth, so after a while, she approaches her stepson again and asks who he is chatting with so intensely. The guy decides to tell her the whole truth. A few days ago, he met a perfect girl. They always have something to talk about, and she understands him perfectly. The joyful stepmother wants to know when she will be able to meet the cutie who made her stepson so happy. The guy hesitates a little and says that the developers haven’t added that feature yet. Aliyah is very surprised by this comment, so she decides to clarify: is her stepson’s girlfriend real? The guy explains that his soulmate is an AI, which was selected for him based on all his preferences. The stepmother wants to warn her stepson to avoid making a potentially serious mistake in the most effective way possible. She takes off her top and reveals her gorgeous boobies. Aliyah asks if this AI supports such an amazing feature as sex. The confused guy starts asking his “girlfriend”, but she cannot give him a positive answer. When the dude looks at his stepmother’s breast once again, he realizes that he doesn’t really want to enjoy a platonic relationship. Hot Aliyah invites him to taste her pussy so that her stepson can see the difference. When he takes off her panties and touches her wet twat with his tongue, his cock instantly becomes hard. The guy has never experienced such emotions with his AI girlfriend. The horny cougar decides to take everything from their evening, so she unzips her stepson’s pants and starts giving him a blowjob. The dude is delighted with his stepmom’s skills and feels that it’s time to get deep inside her pussy. He slowly and gently puts his giant cock into her tight cunt, feels her whole body shake, ready to reach orgasm. The stepson starts thrusting faster and harder until the lovely stepmom cums, and he can launch a big charge of cum on her pretty face. It seems that true love has won.

1 month ago