A Gift Like No Other

Selina wants to make her stepdaddy feel good for Father’s Day, and what he wants more than anything else is to feel up her slender, sexy body. He’s been thinking about playing with his stepdaughter for a while, but he’s never known how to approach the conversation. When Selina spills flour all over her tits, Jay can’t help but cop a feel. Selina runs away, embarrassed, not knowing how to handle her stepdad playing with her tits. She is secretly turned on by the situation, though she knows it’s wrong and shouldn’t be thinking about her stepdaddy’s cock. Yet she can’t get the thought out of her head, and she soon gets the chance to take things to the next level. Jay wants a blowjob for Father’s Day, and although Selina has never given a blowie before, she wants to do anything she can to please her stepdaddy. For an amateur, Selina quickly comes around and gets her stepdaddy’s cock deep down her throat, ensuring he feels every pulse of her eager lips and mouth. The best gift of all, however, comes when Selina decides that her stepdaddy deserves some pussy for Father’s Day. The sweet and eager babe rides him hard and lets him get his cock deep inside of her. It’s a sensationally taboo gift. Jay fucks his stepdaughter until he’s blasting shot after shot of hot sticky jizz.

1 month ago