A Girls Best Friends

It's a girls night in for Lovita Fate, Olivia Sparkle, and Lilly Bella. The girls begin the evening with video games, but soon their interest turns elsewhere. A pillow fight sets the scene even more, and soon Olivia finds herself the center of attention from Lilly and Lovita. As Lilly captures Olivia's lips in a kiss, Lovita dips her head. She finds one of Olivia's breasts and suckles it, then drops to her knees. Soon Lovita has help from Lilly as the girls eat Olivia out and use their hands to make her pussy twitch. Things get extra erotic as Lilly plants herself atop Olivia's face to get her pussy licked. Meanwhile, Lovita lays between Olivia's thighs. The position lets her keep on eating her girlfriend out while diddling her own cream filled twat. Olivia gets to her feet and then kneels on the couch with one knee. The position lets Lilly come down from the top of the couch to lay down and keep on enjoying Olivia's tongue. Meanwhile, Lovita keeps on munching that puss for Olivia as she crouches beneath the brunette. When Olivia gets on her back, Lilly keeps herself pressed to her mouth while Lovita once again adjusts her position to keep going with her pussy feast. The trio settles on the couch side by side by side with Olivia flanked on either side by Lilly and Lovita. Reaching out, Olivia places one hand on each of her girlfriend's twats. The girls each give Olivia a hand while reserving the other for themselves to complete their lesbian lovemaking with a trio of climaxes.

1 month ago